So you want to join FPG and become a director? It’s very simple to join, but of course we do have requirements to join in order to make sure all of the videos posted on the Fun Playing Games channel are entertaining and enjoyable to watch as a viewer. Here are the requirements:

. High Definition – Your gameplay must be in full HD, not just rendered in HD, it is 2012 and there are so many commentators that post in HD that if you don’t it’s going to make your videos much less enjoyable for the viewer and we just can’t have that. That means if you are a console gamer you must record your gameplay using something like a Hauppauge HD PVR, or a Blackmagic Intensity Pro. If you are a PC gamer I would suggest Fraps.

. Mic Quality – Your mic is a huge deal when it comes to commentaries and you need to have a decent mic in order to become a FPG director, If you are looking into buying a mic, a good, inexpensive one that a lot of commentators on YouTube use is the Blue Snowball.

. Entertaining – We want all of our directors to be enthusiastic and have fun making videos, we, as well as the viewers, don’t want to have to sit and listen to someone ramble on about nothing and just have no enthusiasm in there voice.

If you believe you fit all these requirements then feel free to fill in the form below and we will be happy to review your account. Please remember that it does take time to review channels and we may not be able to respond right away to you depending on how busy we are, also we usually will gather new directors at specific times, so just because we do not reposed to you does not mean we don’t like your content and there is still a chance we will allow you to become a director.